Past Recitals / Winners Concert are available on YouTube!


All of concerts will be held at SHIMODA CIVIC CULTURAL HALL on July 2nd or 3rd, 2022.

◆Grand Prize:Perform with member of Yokohama Sinfonietta(String quintet)
※Concerto or Ensemble
※1 person is selected from each of the Young Artist category and the Professionals

◆Recital Prize:1 person is selected from the Professionals

◆Joint Recital Prize:2 persons is selected from the Professionals

◇Young Artists:Gold Prize・Silver Prize・Bronze Prize・Honorable Award
◇Professionals:1st Prize・2nd Prize・3rd Prize・Honorable Award
◇Amateurs:1st Prize・2nd Prize・3rd Prize・4th Prize・5th Prize・ Honorable Award
– add. Special Prizes

※The Prizewinners’ concert and joint recitals will be held on July 2nd or 3rd, 2022, both days.
※Each Prizewinner is responsible for his/her own travel expenses.
※A Rehearsal with Yokohama Sinfonietta will be planned the day before the concert.